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If you’re tired of others stealing your juice, my practices are exactly what you’re looking for… Teacher (Gene Chicoine) would occasionally talk about Chi Gung Masters.

Thinking back, I have heard and known about him since the early 1980’s. I told him that I did, as I felt as light as a feather. Treating with my vibration is the key to my success in helping you. But what is not generally understood, is before there is any external applications to utilize the newly created energy, first the Chi must be accumulated, stored, circulated, and after this takes place, then the external applications begin.

When I finished my treatment, Gary asked me how I felt. Afterwards while walking the streets of Chicago, I felt as though I could cross major streets with only two steps. Some of my recent patients have advised me to advertise my excellent manual/manipulation skills to repair and eliminate mechanical problems that most people have. This seems a little tricky to understand, but if you start to practice Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung the changes are about to come.

Whether or not the treatment erased emotional baggage that has been stored and carried since birth, or not…doesn’t really matter. He also told me to watch how I begin reacting to things. Some common examples are hip pain, shoulder and neck issues, knee and ankle pain, etc. The INTERNAL energy development leads to the EXTERNAL applications that everybody notices. Read “The JING Article” from Inside Kung Fu Magazine: The Art of Cooking JING Read Power At The Speed of Light from Inside Kung Fu Magazine: Power At The Speed of Light Think days, not months to see, feel, and experience dramatic, measurable results.

You mean to tell me that by this man removing certain stored emotions from your body, has made you physically sore? I wear a necklace, that has a Bulul (A Northern Philippine statue) on it. When I finally took off my shirt to look at what was hurting, I saw that I was bruised.

” I’m the kind of person that is comfortable around anyone, but I found good comfort when I met Gary Clyman.

He has a way about him that places you at ease, and you feel and have complete trust and respect.

Much the same as when you know you’re around a great fighter.

Email me and I will send you The Chi Kung Bible, THE Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One and Chi Kung start up video instruction clips! * ********** The Bill Campbell Show, Chicagoing 2006: It is truly SPOOKY how GOOD and how FAST you can FEEL GREAT wherever you start with treatment or training! I don’t get the credit but my Chi Kung students recognize the base for this concept. Emotional Liposuction™ Treatment sucks out negative belief systems, Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung replaces the negative with much healthier positive options. A new Emotional Liposuction testimonial: On January 17th, of this year, I went to Chicago, IL. The work that I had done is called, Emotional Liposuction. So after Ed, had the work performed, here’s how our phone conversation went: Me: So, how do you feel? One day at my school a gentleman came in to inquire about classes.

So that makes me a primary source of the concept behind The Secret. When Joe Vitale and Matt Furey look in the mirror, they see Gary Clyman. He knew ten times as much about Chi Kung as they did.

His future at that time was very depressed and dismal. He would also talk about how most of the so-called “Chi Kung Masters out there”.

Twenty years ago I personally fixed Joe Vitale face-to-face. He would say that there are maybe two or three in the world.


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