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Unconvincingly, he repeats that he knew and 'figured' her car was hidden in the garage. In Idaho, a married man who has sex with a woman who is not his wife can be charged with adultery — but the crime only carries the threat of a fine of up to ,000 and imprisonment for three months to three years.

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Two of the riders hit the motorbike, flipping end over end, with dozens more behind them getting caught in the suddenly huge tangle of metal and limbs - and it was all caught on camera in a video uploaded by Cycling Hub TV.

Stalled: A motorbike (pictured, center) that was supposed to lead the pack at Brooklyn's Red Hook Criterium bike race Saturday evening stalled, with the rider finding himself trapped in a speeding pack of cyclists Collision: A number of people manage to weave around him, but a man in black and white (pictured, rear-left of the biker) collides with him and goes flying - being hit almost immediately in midair by other bikers Disaster: A split second after the first crash, a second man (wearing green, to the rear-left of the stalled biker) also hits the motorbike, causing a simultaneous second pile-up on the other side of the road Crash: A second video shows the crash from another angle, as an entire bike (left, above head of man in green) is lifted into the air.

At least seven people were left with injuries - none life-threatening - in the crash Sent flying: A man to the right can be seen being turned upside down, his body bent backwards as the bike flips over his head.

Leslie Varner from Boise was clearly upset to learn that her husband of nearly three years, who is also the father of her child, was planning to be unfaithful.

He'd cheated on her before, but this time, he was secretly messaging her best friend, Sam, on Facebook, looking for some fun on the side.

Sam then takes the camera and begins filming Leslie, who is seen waiting at the front door inside Sam's house.Cody has just pulled up outside, and thinks he is just meeting Sam for an illicit hookup.Leslie and Sam whisper to each other as they wait, and Leslie seems nervous and exhilarated by the confrontation ahead.Finally, Leslie opens the front door, taking Cody — who had been expecting to see Sam — by surprise.'It matter 'cause I'm f***ing married to you and the mother of your child,' she fires back, to which he laughs callously.'And you're laughing 'cause you're embarrassed as f*** and you look like an a**hole.''No, we were already talking at work, I already knew [that you knew I was cheating]. I'm not dumb,' he says, leaving viewers begging to differ. I just want to, like, get s*** rolling.'Leslie then informs him that the whole time he thought he was flirting with Sam on Facebook, he was actually talking to Leslie herself.Again, Cody insists that he knew — and he still came to Sam's house just to 'see what would happen'.


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