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Born Halle Maria Berry on 14th August, 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio and educated at Bedford High School, Bedford, Ohio, United States (1984), she is famous for Boomerang in a career that spans 1989–present.

Lewis Bloor has been issued with a formal warning after he threw a drink over Heavy D in an explosive argument on Celebrity Big Brother.

The duo came to blows after Heavy D poked fun at Bloor’s romance with fellow housemate Marnie Simpson. ” Bloor told the Storage Hunters star to “shut up” before throwing a drink over him after things got heated.

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} I got nothing but love for you, honey {Yeah, whatever} (What's yours is mine) I got nothing but love for you, baby {Uh-huh} (What's mine is mine) I got nothing but love for you, honey {Yeah, whatever} (What's yours is mine) I got nothing but love for you, baby {What ya got} (What's mine is mine) I got nothing but love for you, honey {Yeah, whatever} (What's yours is mine) I got nothing but love for you, baby {Uh-huh} (What's mine is mine) I got nothing but love for you, honey {Yeah, whatever} [Verse 1: Heavy D] I know you want lots a jewels and stuff Backyards with swimming pools, bar with stools and stuff Fancy foods, Lobster, Sushi Gear, Versace, Gucci, crazy Lucci I know your M.

O., you do demo on a paycheck You get hair from the barber, show him no respect Middle name "Price Tag", first name "Got You" Start a scope, got on a roll, now they can't stop you Talking about "hey Boo, how you do Some clown uptown said you ran through his crew I give you props and credit cause it's due But I ain't that clown, and my crew ain't that crew Time's too hard to be faking like I'm dating on some steak And..

wining and dining, I ain't choking on no chicken Leave it up to me I'll close the whole damn store on you I got nothing but love for you (What's yours is mine) [Hook] [Verse 2: Heavy D] I'm not your H-E-L-P, but I'm your H-E-A-V-Y DASH-D Don't test me, don't ask me for nothing For nathins, for just, for doodle lee squat, you can do me not You plan on plot on who be hot and trying to hit the slot I know your low pro style, your low whole pro vibe Kick a bother in the gut and then you smile I must admit; I really dig your operation Every time we on the phone, you got the sexy conversation So now you hope to be the woman of my dream And while I'm sleeping, you'll be creeping, robbing me clean I see you hanging on the corners with the rest of your girl crew Standing by the gutter with your booty cutters Said who's the honey dip, down with the money grip Always got a plan and a scam to get some money quick Always get with the next man, the one with the checks And setting up a trap with the sexing (What's yours is mine) [Hook] [Hook: Heavy D] From the brother, from the brother, this the champion - [X8] [Verse 3: Heavy D] You give me feelings like I'm dealing with a crooked hand You got a grand from a man cause you shook his hand You're well known in the streets, in the gutters So fly, when you caught my eye, you made me stutter You come around with your curls and your pretty pearls You even been around the world, so you go, girl But where's the love at?

Williams said the project had been developed with Heavy D in the leading role, noting that the rapper had dropped weight, improved his physique and starred in a play in preparation.” Bijelonic’s recent producing credits include Keira Knightley’s “Laggies”, Robins Williams’ “Angriest Man in Brooklyn” and John Travolta’s “The Forger.” Bijelonic is also currently developing a Nikola Tesla biopic.

Heavy D, a native of Jamaican, was the leader of the group Heavy D & the Boyz, which produced five albums.

He later became an actor, appearing in “Law & Order” and movies such as “Life,” “Tower Heist” and “The Cider House Rules.” He died in 2011 of a pulmonary embolism at the age of 44.“I knew my dad wanted to be a writer and an actor,” Xea Myers said.Producer Gordon Bijelonic is launching development on the police thriller “Crossed,” written by the late rapper and actor Dwight “Heavy D” Myers and Avery O. Bijelonic, a longtime friend of Heavy D, announced the project on Tuesday on what would have been Heavy D’s 49th birthday.The rapper’s daughter Xea Myers will executive produce.“It’s a way to celebrate the legacy of a great man, and another way for Hev, years after his passing, to continue to take care of his daughter that he loved so much,” Bijelonic said.“Hev was loved by the entire community.” The story is inspired by a gritty NYPD detective who jeopardizes his life and career when he crosses legal and moral lines to bring a drug kingpin to justice.

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