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Networking giant Cisco confirmed during its latest quarterly report that the company will cut approximately 7% of its worldwide workforce in a restructuring move designed to accelerate its transition to a software and subscription business.The Intel Joule developer module will help enterprises, developers, and everyday tinkerers tap into the internet of things.The chip maker also detailed its vision for 5G networks at its Developer Forum show.

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The study finds AR and VR will offer major applications for healthcare and product design.

Applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to your decision-making can help your business stay competitive. Without the proper checks and balances, machine learning efforts can spiral out of control, exposing your organization to risks. A new report finds that Google Fiber is being hampered by a slow and costly rollout of its physical high-speed internet service.

To overcome delays and cost overruns, the company is reportedly looking at wireless alternatives.

From where IT professionals sit, these are early days for industrial Io T.

IT hiring managers who take too long to extend a job offer may suffer from the snooze-you-lose syndrome -- specifically losing a candidate's interest within a week of the interview if an offer is not made, according to survey results.

However, there are five practical steps IT managers can follow to streamline the process.

Apple CEO Tim Cook leans on the Founding Fathers to suggest the company did the right thing when asked by the FBI to unlock a terrorist's i Phone.

Still, the software, hardware, and network ecosystem required for delivering on the promise of Io T will eventually transform the way enterprises think about running everything.

Here are four cloud-based industrial Io T startups worth knowing.

It's possible Fuchsia is nothing more than an experiment by Google, one of the many technological inquiries the company is famous for conducting.

It's equally possible that Fuchsia marks the direction Google will take in creating operating systems and control software for the internet of things (Io T).

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