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A lot goes into presentation when passing or femming up (if that's what he's into).

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"I am a 20 year-old female, and I consider myself to be straight, and although have a few fantasies about women.

I feel like they are more curiosities than real sexual or romantic attraction.

I have recently become friends with a FTM transgender man, and I find myself very sexually (although not romantically) attracted to him.

We can work together to get a dick that suits both of our needs. We Get How You Think Again, this isn't the case for all trans men, and people may disagree, but I think trans guys can relate really well to women, and many trans guys I know share this opinion.

Since we were socialized female, we tend to more comfortable around women than cis men.

We also have to "learn" how to be men, so we pick up on a lot of male things and can relate to the pressures they feel (which they may not even be aware of because these pressures are so ingrained).

So we learn a lot about gender roles and their effects on the mind. We Don't Get Mad If You Take a While to Get Ready Depending on where a trans guy is at it in his transition, it may take him a while to get ready to go out.

Our trans experience does give many of us a nice perspective, though.

Here is a list that I think makes us date-worthy in comparision to cis men. Bathroom Etiquette This isn't the case for all trans men, but most of us usually leave the toilet seat down.

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