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Hal Miller died in 1987 and his widow, Bea Miller, in February, 2016.Probably all Memphians of a certain age remember "Happy Hal" as he was a popular Memphis children's television show host in the 1950s, 60s, and early 70s. WYPL (FM 89.3 in Memphis) is running a promotional announcement for a program featuring recordings from the Memphis Public Library's Memphis Music Collection. The promo names a number of Memphis musicians, including and the late Jackie Webb ('66), died Saturday, July 9. Wednesday, July 13 at Memorial Park Funeral Home, Memphis. Thursday, July 14 at the funeral home., Memphis Director of Community and Housing Develpment is quoted in a newspaper story about replacing the city's last old housing "projects" with the new "South City" development. 9/10., executive director of the Center for Southern Folklore, was the guest on WKNO-FM's "Checking on the Arts" program June 30 talking about its Memphis Music & Heritage Festival which is scheduled for September3-4.

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The East High Alumni Page has for many years thought the ACT was the one appropriate measure of academic achievement which allows comparison not only among schools in the state and nationwide, but also historically.

That's why this web publication emphasizes the ACT when it reports the academic performance of East High and other local schools. 20, and Jeannie Feinstein (class year undetermined), died Sunday, July 24. Services were held July 25, 2016, in Tuscon, Arizona. Meka Egwuekwe (associated with the Class of '91) is featured in a newspaper article about his formally learning to program computers at East High and crediting his career to that.

After years in the corporate world, Egwuekwe is back in Memphis as executive director of Code Crew, a local startup that mentors young African Americans, Latino Americans, and women in computer coding. are mentioned in a newspaper article about art by their father "Happy Hal" Miller on sale, along with other things of the estate.

Paul's Episcopal Church, Winston Salem, North Carolina. A reception follows at Mc Neal Place, South Union Street at Bills Street, Boliver, Tennessee, after the burial.

Funeral services are at 2 p.m., Tuesday, August 16 at St. Saturday, August 20 in Polk Cemetery, Bolivar, Tennessee.

, 41, is a music producer and the program coordinator for the Carpenter Community Bike Shop in Binghamton.

Evans and the shop are featured in a newspaper article about trying to improve the opportunities in the Binghamton community. Commentary: On WKNO-TV's public affairs program "Behind the Headlines" aired July 29, Bartlett School District Superintendent David Stephens agreed with the Germantown superintendent Jason Manuel saying that "" in sudent testing.

Some experts contend that the easing of divorce laws has helped make marriage stronger by rooting it more deeply in personal choice.

On the flip side, do people have all the skills needed to work out the inevitable difficulties that arise in marriage?

If the dissolution of a union results, the process can be a painful one for all concerned.

It can take a divorcee years to regain equilibrium, and sometimes the emotional split is incomplete.


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