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Afro Cam is an addictive, fun and hilarious app that can make any dull photo funny Prank your friends by taking their picture and decorating them with a colourful afro, crazy sunglasses and funny facial hair It only takes about 30 seconds to customize, but you'll be laughing for a lot longer :-)Here's just some of the features of Afro Cam- Pick out of 17 hilarious colorful and unique afros to suit your picture, there is one for every occasion!

- Add one of the 20 crazy unique and fun sunglasses to your photo for that extra WOW factor- Choose out of the 30 different "laugh out loud funny" facial hair collection that are featured in all different colors and styles to suit your photo- Watch you Facebook likes, shares and comments skyrocket when your friends see the image you created - Keep an eye on how many retweets and replies you get after you tweet one of your hilarious creations- Email it to yourself or your friends directly from the app so you can entertain them right from their inbox- Share it on Instagram and have your followers instantly see your new cool creation- Save it directly to your camera roll so you can share via i Message, text or just so you can look back at it to make yourself laugh over and over again :-)Here's all you have to do Step 1.

Download the Afro Cam app to you your device Step 2. - Do it all over again with a new photo :-)Download your copy of Afro Cam today!

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Do you love to watch reverse-playback movies right after the moment you shot videos.

Believe me it will great fun to watch reverse playback with friends. Firstly you shoot a video from this app by clicking on Video icon 2.

Searching around for an online performance site that isn’t going to require a monthly membership?

Want to pay for your cam viewing credits with a pre-paid debit card?

read more We know all about that secret job that your favorite pas has – the one that you’ve dreamed about.

She’s bringing to life all the fantasies that guys like you have been dreaming about ever since you laid eyes on her – and she’s ready for you to join her.At Da Cams, amateurs performers are showing their stuff on performances that’ll have you grabbing the tissue box!Would you rather watch innocent amateurs online rather than professional performers – or both?Slut Roulette is the cam site that checks all those boxes – and more Looking for a break from the monotony you can sometimes find with watching movies?Have you ever peeked in on a live performance as its happening? Cams Free Fun is a live action voyeur site where you can watch the action as it happens. You actually can watch the amateurs on Cams Free Fun for free!


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