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when I realized that I could see my naked self, looking back at my naked self on FACETIME.

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When you Face Time on the i Phone the buttons are still red and green, so other than the fact that you can see the camera is on, you could very easily just answer the call and not think anything of it. NEVER EVER FACETIME SOMEONE UNLESS YOU PICK A TIME, AND YOU MUST FIRST TEXT TO CONFIRM THE OTHER PERSON HAS ON CLOTHES BECAUSE YOU MAY CAUSE THE OTHER PERSON EXTREME ANXIETY. I’ve deactivated my Face Time access so this will never happen again. I sale jams, jellies, sauces, and salsas…locally and online..

The person on the other end could be going to the bathroom, picking their nose, sitting on their bed naked, or a million other private things that they don’t want to share with you.

I don’t think the teacher saw anything but I just about died.

Of course the computer was on my bed and perfect crotch level.

I don’t think I’ve ever sat down so fast in my life.

But what the romantic means is I come to your house.personal chef. I had my computer set up on my bed and I was getting dressed to go to school and made sure to “call” her at the exact time, well little did I know that me standing in my underwear would be on camera. There was going to be champagne, chocolate dipped strawberries etc.. I got up and put the phone down on the couch not thinking… but I got around the end of the couch and where I laid the phone was about midway down his body and he was not facing the phone. Talk about awkward…more so for him than me though, because while all I had to do was hold up the phone and point it at the stage…anyone and everyone could see him and he had no clue because it’s dark and all. Well I didn’t think it was going to be video, just voice. I was on the phone with a husband who was planning a get out of the doghouse I want boomboom again dinner for his wife and he was being super romantic.. the 1 year old woke up from his nap climbed up on the couch with me and I was cuddling him quietly when I needed a folder from the other room for dessert options… complete natural body function not done to be mean.. Reply The facetime thing weirds me out…I’ve never used it and I have had my iphone for almost six months now. I was at my daughter’s dance recital and thought “what an awesome ex wife and mother I would be if I tried to facetime my ex husband (then I stopped and giggled, because OBVIOUSLY) so that he could watch our daughter live at her recital as he lives across the country. We go over the weeks schedule, projects on my lap, and then I hear the noise…FLUSH. Next my boss says, “great, now you know I called you from the bathroom.” I just started cracking up and was like “oh, that’s so funny, don’t worry about it.” Like really, what was I supposed to say?? Reply I had a similar situation, I took an online class where we had to do Spanish interviews with the professor on a skype type situation. clean up and try to leave out before the boomboom starts… that was not me and there would be none of that at his dinner..During our last episode of F’ed Up Fantasy Family, I reported the gift of an i Pad to my aging parents.They wanted access to Face Time in a purported bid to follow new-ish extended family members. Experts claim one can banish worry by imagining the worst possible thing that can happen. Thanks to you, Dear Reader, I’ve imagined every conceivable scenario of shriveled, wrinkled, toilet-ridden, butt-dialing parental Face Time nakedness.



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