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And in Detroit, the forthcoming shipping container project known as Detroit Ship Yard has found a site in the Cass Corridor and is aiming for a July opening with five restaurant concepts and two bars.

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The American food hall boom is showing no signs of slowing anytime soon.

Well-established in trend-setting cities like New York and LA, these multifaceted culinary marketplaces are spreading like wildfire to major metropolitan areas such as Denver, Dallas, Detroit, and Austin, and even Ohio and Alabama.

Some are akin to fancy food courts, while others incorporate more of a market feel with plenty of retail —€” but all rely heavily on local chefs and food artisans to create communal drinking and dining spaces.

At the Shinigami Weaponry Vocational School, humans known as Meisters study.

Each Meister has their own partner, who is a human capable of taking on a weapon form.

The story follows three of these Meisters and their Weapons.

They are Maka Alban and her weapon Soul Eater, Black Star and his weapon Tsubaki, and Death the Kid and his weapons Patricia and Elizabeth Thompson.

While the nearly 10 new halls that have been announced in the past eight months serve to further prove the trend's got legs, work continues on several previously-announced projects.

Perhaps the most anticipated of them all is Bourdain Market, the global street food marketplace culinary explorer Anthony Bourdain is bringing to Manhattan.

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