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You will get an Email confirmation as soon and every time your email gets read.Best of all, Get Notify is a FREE Email Tracking Service!To start using our service, just Sign-Up and follow the easy steps.

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Our online Email Tracker system works with all modern email companies including Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL etc and all client side email programs including Outlook, Eudora etc.

You do not need to download any software or plug-in to use our Email Tracking service, just send your emails in the same way as you send now.

All you have to do is to add .at the end of recipient's email address in your outgoing email.

Sending an email is probably the easiest form of communication nowadays.

But when you send an email, usually you don't know whether or not your email has been delivered successfully and read by the recipient.

Get is a Free Email Tracking service which notifies you when the email you send gets read.

We send you an email read notification as soon as the the recipient of your sent email opens and reads your email.

Unlike other Email tracking companies, we do not charge anything from our users to track email. Also our Email Tracking technique is invisible to the recipient; your email recipient will never be prompted to send you a Return Receipt.

We keep track of your sent emails and send you an Email Return Receipt or Email Read Receipt in the form of an Email Read Notification as soon as your sent email gets opened.

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