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TO BE CONTINUED ***DIRTY GAME*** EPISODE 29 We both enjoyed the game together. After the battle, I went to bathroom to take my bath and before I came back, I have gotten three missed calls on my phone and when I checked, it was Zainab. I want you to listen and listen well; I can’t lose you to Zainab. ” I was called just now that the money has been sent into your account, she said. She left my joystick and started begging me to insert my joystick into her honey pot and which I did without hesitation.

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I wanted to resist, but due to the promise which I made that I’m gonna eat something before leaving her, so I joined her with my troubled mind. “I’m in the position to ask you that, but not withstanding, I’m still yours, but we need to see and talk as you said”, I replied feeling uncomfortable. I trust you and that’s why I love you”, she said happily and she hung up by saying “love you” which I replied “love you too”. I sat down with my head buried in my volars and almost cried because of the challenge before me.

Though, I didn’t know whether she is engaged as well, but the fault shouldn’t be from me. Then, Taiwo called me to join her in eating what she had prepared. I didn’t know what to utter as a response, I looked at Taiwo’s face while she returned her look with horror face. Now, tell me, where I belong because I could hear all your conversation? I’m ready to give it whatever it takes” she threatened.

My heart vibrated and my conscience started disturbing me. It’s either you marry both of us together or she leaves you for me.

Note that no authorisation of copying or sharing of this story without the permission of the admin or the writer, Adebiyi Demola. Only God knows if the prayer was even answered or not because I couldn’t concentrate on it. The driver said and I frowned at him, but didn’t utter a word. Sister: how come she quickly gets involved to the extent of planning a family with you without even knowing where you stay?

Sit down and relax to enjoy my little effort on this story. I rushed out of the bedroom, picked up a kettle, performed ablution and prayed to the God. Which means “come”, the driver replied, is forty naira sir. After two minutes when she had left, I heard a message sound on my phone. I hissed and threw the phone on the table with anger. My mind was seriously disturbed and the heart started pounding like a locomotive machine. When I got home, I got my sister informed about the scenario so as to put me through on the issue and our conversation went thus; Sister: You said you just met Taiwo a week ago Me: yes ma. I did not even know from whom I inherited that, because I wonder why ladies are after me despite the fact that I have nothing to offer them. I have once heard it from maami that ladies do disturb our father when he was alive. Sister: you will need to see Zainab first and confirm if she is still in love with you and has not chosen. You had better think of it very well and stop taking her feelings for granted. The ball is now in your court, so I need leave you to decide.

I rushed from there to the bathroom; I took my bath, brushed my teeth and dressed up for work. I got to the street where I could get a bus to my place of work very fast but it was quiet unfortunate that I couldn’t get a bus on time and it was around am. I got to where to drop, gave him forty naira and alighted peacefully.

She was one of my bosses at the office before she was been posted to another department. Grandma is coming for clinic today and the money will be needed to take care of her”, she said. It was so, because his uncle that does send the money could only locate that bank around him. It was an unsolicited text message from my service provider. TO BE CONTINUED ***DIRTY GAME** EPISODE 2 I looked at the back and it was a huge dark guy with tinted hair. I started sweating despite the fact that the air conditioners were on. I was lost on this thought when I heard my phone ringing. I was fortunate to get a bike going to my area, but the amount was double, and since I was in a hurry so as not to be caught up by the rain, I agreed and he took me to my destination safely before the commencement of the heavy rain which stopped around pm. Or you counted her cheap just because she showed you love? Had it been I have not slept with Taiwo now, it would have been easy for me to back out.

Akin entered and greeted everyone on seat and came directly to me. That was not the first time of cashing fund through my Bank account. I searched my bag and everywhere I thought of, but I couldn’t find it. On my way to the bank, I started tasking my brain where I put the card and the answer appeared to me as if I am a NTA news-caster who reads on the screen. It was in the pocket of a pair trouser I hung in my wardrobe. I continued with the trek when I heard a deep voice from my back… “Just go straight by your left and ask when you get to the next junction”, I replied. On getting there, I picked up a deposit slip and dug my right hand in my pocket to obtain my pen and the fund in order to fill the denomination as arranged in the slip. I searched my pockets thoroughly but couldn’t see the money given to me. I was staring at my phone when Taiwo spoke, “pick it now”, and that was when I managed to pick it… I was lost and confused with her confession, “if she had known, she wouldn’t have agreed with her” who was she referring to? TO BE CONTINUED **DIRTY GAME*** EPISODE 30 I summoned courage and challenged her “What did I hear you say just now? There was rumbling of thunder outside which made me peeped through the window and it was about to rain. “No problem then”, she replied unsatisfactorily while I jumped out of the house. Me: but sister, assuming I later go for Zainab, won’t you support? Why did you sleep with her when you know that Zainab is still coming back? I stood up and started blaming myself while wandering in the room for lack of self control.

It was not less than a minute that I took my sit when Mrs. He counted eighty thousand naira and handed it to me with a paper that had an account number, account name and the name of the bank. I checked my wallet for the card but couldn’t find it. I was about to answer her when my phone started ringing again, and it was Zainab’s call. Now, it has turned to something else which is difficult for me to get over”, she confessed while crying. I looked at the wall clock and it was quarter to six. “Yeah, we are still together now”, I said while putting on my shoe. Someone you have left for the past three years and you are still putting all your trust in her, and besides she doesn’t deserve you because her father should be held responsible for grandma’s death. “Is my sister trying to support Taiwo and discourage me from Zainab”, I said to myself and I need to know her stand sequel to Zainab issue.

Since Oxford Bank is not too far from Global bank I was sent to initially, I decided to take my ATM card along incase the money drop into my account. It started ringing again; I summoned courage to pick it. I started stammering while he took up from in the office. I neglected the message thinking it was the same usual unsolicited text message from 5052 again. ” she asked with a great worry written all over her face. I left it in the room while I was in the bathroom”, I replied. While chatting with her over the phone, Taiwo left her place and came to my side which I didn’t understand why she did. If I had known that this is how it will be, I wouldn’t have agreed with her. Then, the pressure on me has gone a bit and my mind was a little bit free.

I started asking myself those rhetorical questions while I lost the first call. I couldn’t belief what I’ve just heard and I nearly told him to recap. I replied with grateful heart and quickly left the bank for office; I collected the money and got back to the bank within a blink of an eye. It remained only four persons before me when my phone beeped. What has happened or I didn’t perform up to your expectation? “I saw it jawe and I have the intention of calling you back before I was being called by a friend, so I’m very sorry”, I replied. ” I quickly asked so as to deviate from what she was asking me. I didn’t mean to hurt you, but I can’t let go of you because I’m in love already. All I know is that, things are going to be well”, she replied courageously.


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