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Our prices are competitive with the largest sites on offer.We are MUCH cheaper than any equivalent offline dating or introduction service.

This limit is in place to encourage quality rather than quantity, and also reduces the potential for someone to post spam to a large number of members.

The limits are set as a result of member feedback and most people rarely find they reach the limit. You may not wave more than twice at any one member in each 24 hour period.

This is to prevent any user being bombarded by waves from just one member.

We do hope however, that many people will take the opportunity of meeting with, sharing and learning from Christians outside their own tradition.

That is one of the benefits of Christian Connection. Some of us are seeking, some are struggling, and others feel confident in what it is that they believe. The important point is that we should be honest about where we are and not claim to be what we are not.

Christians do not always agree with each other about everything. We believe that there are many great traditions within Christianity which have contributed in many different ways. The questionnaire does give the opportunity to say where you think you are.

Anybody who joins Christian Connection and chooses to attack or undermine the traditions of others may find themselves asked to leave if this causes undue offence or annoyance to other members. We hope that your signing up to Christian Connection means that your faith is important to you.

People belonging to Churches which do not accept the Trinity.

For example: Also those churches, fellowships, organisations and groups who claim an exclusive relationship with God; who reject the possibility that salvation can come to those outside their particular persuasion.

The Christian Connection matchmaking service will ask you to describe your own Christian tradition and ask you about your personal faith.

If you are uncomfortable about meeting with people coming from particular traditions then you can use our service to set out those parameters and you will not be matched with people from those traditions.


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