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Dave Barry in Cyberspace is a best-selling humor book by Dave Barry.

Written in 1996, this book takes the view point of a computer geek who enjoys using Windows 95.

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As the book progresses, it drifts off to some more sexual topics (in a more humorous than sexual manner).

It talks about everything from Quicken to chat rooms and everything in between.

It also has some fictitious excerpts from chat room conversations.

The book ends with a fictional story from the second-person viewpoint of a married, stay-at-home mom and her gradual acceptance of and proficiency at using the family PC, especially surfing the internet through the AOL online service.

Eventually, she meets an English teacher online, and the two develop feelings for one another.

The story ends with them deciding they should meet in person, even though this potentially will change their lives forever.There has been speculation that this is a fictionalized retelling of Dave Barry's relationship with his current wife Michelle; the male character's online name in the AOL chat rooms is Ray Adverb, an anagram of Dave Barry. A refreshingly candid and uproariously funny collection of (extremely) personal and observational essays from the Emmy Award-winning comedian, actress, and writer, Amy Schumer.Everything is convenient today—so convenient that men don't know how to do anything anymore. Photo: Getty , day or night, no matter where you are, you can just tap your finger on your smartphone and within seconds an answer will appear, as if by magic, on the screen. If you go to a men's public restroom, you don't even have to flush the urinal! You should also do the hand motions because carnivorous animals can see in the dark. Humor Columnist Dave Barry says: enough with the spin classes. Granted, this answer will be wrong because it comes from the Internet, which is infested with teenagers, lunatics and Anthony Weiner. This tedious chore is a thing of the past because the urinal now has a small electronic "eye" connected to the Central Restroom Command Post, located deep underground somewhere near Omaha, Neb., where highly trained workers watch you on high-definition TV screens and make the flush decision for you. ") —you will, as if by magic, still be sitting in the plane at La Guardia because "La Guardia" is Italian for "You will never actually take off." But during those six hours you can be highly productive by using your smartphone to get on the Internet. But we have paid a price for all this convenience: We don't know how to do anything anymore. Have you ever been standing in line to pay a cashier when something went wrong with the electronic cash register? According to Wikipedia, "The wolverine has a reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to its size, with the documented ability to kill prey many times larger than itself." 5. You may feel silly, but consider: Not one single person has been killed in the wilderness by animals while doing the "Macarena" since the National Forest Service began keeping records on this in 1902. If you are still alive in the morning, carefully note the direction in which the sun rises. Carefully scan the horizon, noting landmarks—a river, a hill, a valley, a Motel 6 sign, etc. There will be a button or lever inside the car on the driver's side that you need to push or pull, and then a latch somewhere under the front of the hood that you need to reach in and release. Your car shifts itself, and your GPS tells you where to go. You would not dream of smoking cigarettes because you are a modern, crunch-doing, health-conscious, risk-averse individual. A fat lot of good that's doing you now with the wolverines closing in. Most leading wilderness survival experts recommend that you sing the "Macarena." 18. It will be a black box partly covered with a whitish-greenish fuzz.


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