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Contacting shadchanim is a very important part of picture, a normal component of the Shidduchim parsha.The value of Shadchanim is that they serve as a centralized clearinghouse for boys and girls, with access to more prospects than the parents are likely to have.

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On the other hand, shadchanim who are also close friends/neighbors of the parents are often successful in finding the right match.

It is best to look for a shadchan who has found shidduchim for children similar in hashkafa or background to one’s own child.

The parents of the child's married friends are a good source of information about shadchanim.

Skills that are useful for a shadchan include knowing how to listen to feedback and whether or how to move the process along or to stop it.

In addition, it is important that the mother feel that she can work with this shadchan.

Parents cannot be true friends with their children's shadchan, since this is a guarded, cautious kind of interaction.

However, they need to learn the shadchan’s style so they can get the job done.

Amateur and professional shadchanim are both useful.

Friends and relatives should be called regularly, since they are often great shadchanim for one's child.

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