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Korea is a dating nation and they have mastered holidays and quirky ways for young couples to enjoy dating.

See some of the fun activities to enjoy while dating or spending time with your lover in the ROK.

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There are even some stores dedicated to only selling matching attire!

Most underwear stores here also display matching couples undergarments in their windows.

Korea apparently has a holiday every 14 day of the month dedicated for couples and or dating.

The most well known are Valentine’s Day, White Day, and Black Day.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in February and is for the gentlemen to be showered with gifts and love.

In March, the girls get to celebrate White Day and be pampered and fed chocolate for a day.

Korea also includes singles on Black Day in April for those who do not have a special someone. Namsan Tower in Seoul is famous for lovers to have a date night and place a love lock among the thousands of others to symbolize their eternal love at the top of the tower.

Some of the motels have themed rooms, round shaped beds, karaoke rooms, and Jacuzzis! So much so, that they want to show it off to the world!

It is common to see couples wearing matching outfits or more subtly, some sort of matching accessory.

Whether they only have matching tennis shoes on or the whole shebang, you can tell which youngsters are couples and proud of it.

Some find this cheesy, but after being here awhile it really is kind of cute.


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