Dating site make created online users

Scammers can create multiple profiles and start "dating" your good users and quickly get to the point where they can ask for money.

Too many bad memories and too many other online dating sites out there to be tried.

By adding online identity verification technology to the fraud detection process, online dating sites get increased confidence and trust in their user community, resulting in happier users and a better reputation.

Beehive ID's social authentication technology works at the time of new account creation to verify that the account is being created by a real, unique individual. With Beehive ID you can ban someone from your site and make it stick - our technology ensures they cannot create a new account to get around your ban."Since we launched Beehive, we have seen a 21% increase in the number of members participating in the verification process.

Users login to a social site such as Facebook, Google or Linked In and we comb through that data to find the patterns real people have that fake accounts cannot have. If desired, you can use Beehive ID's technology to make sure each person only has one account. We have also seen a 30% increase in the number of members who are being successfully verified.

A recent report by Topeka Capital Markets finds that the combination of tough economic times, a rise in the number of singles, social media and mobile technology is causing a resurgence in the "fast food dating" business of online personals. people are a lot more comfortable posting their personal information online.

So there's no longer a negative stigma attached to online dating," said the report's author, Victor Anthony, Topeka's managing director of Internet media. In a recent Pew Internet survey, 59 percent of Americans said they consider online dating a good way to meet people compared with 44 percent in 2005. are single, meaning there's plenty of opportunity for dating sites.

Other research suggests that more than a third of married couples now meet online. The unmarried population stands at 47 percent, up from 42 percent in 1994, according to the Census Bureau.

When you hear about a fraudulent account through a customer complaint, it's too late.

The damage is done to your user and your site's reputation.

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