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He is a summa cum laude Morehouse graduate, and CEO of his own company.

He's handsome, rich, charming, single, and he has no children. Unfortunately, he also comes with baggage you wouldn't believe.

After losing his father, love lost its luster and he fell back into his youthful playboy ways.

He is a summa cum laude Morehouse graduate, and CEO of his own company.

Vince decides to make his 32nd birthday the last one he spends as a single man, after a conversation with his best friend.

However, love doesn't follow a set schedule and the bad habits of "Instant Vincent" aren't so eager to go away.

Vince begins to wonder if it's true that love really doesn't love him and his search leads him closer to home.

Mykael, is his doting young assistant, who he now sees through a different set of eyes.

Then there is Ksenia, the Russian bombshell with whom the connection was instant and undeniable.Before long, Vince finds himself moving from being shunned by love, to having a pair of incredible women to choose between.Faced with a decision that could leave someone with a broken heart, he must choose.Will he still have the power to choose, or will the choice already have been made for him?Torn First off, this was a well written book but at times it dragged for me. I can honestly say I never thought he should've entertained Mykael.Her clinginess and constant questions made me feel as if he should stay clear of her.


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