Dating russian partners christian speed dating in london

Even though I did not consider it ideal at that time, I was desperate to find my soulmate.

I spent six years of my life looking for a suitable life partner and got nothing but a string of failed relationships.

It was becoming tougher everyday to find a woman who would actually understand me and become the ideal life partner.

After looking at prospective brides for arranged marriages, I was disappointed and thought that bachelor life was the only way to live.

My friends suggested that I tried dating Russian women online.

I was almost sure that I was going to regret this decision. After browsing through the Russian dating website and reading their content, I sent out messages to six different women with interests and hobbies common to mine.

I had no expectation of any reply from any of the women. Nadia was a Russian citizen living in the States and working as a translator for a corporation.

We had a long chat on the internet and agreed upon a date to meet.

She was a beautiful woman who was ambitious and serious about her career.

On the day of the date I picked her up from her house and we went out for a nice dinner at a restaurant in Long Island. v=_b8T0akry Ho I was astounded by her knowledge and intellect, even though her career was radically different from mine.

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