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During the signing of the register, two to three pieces of selected music are played and I continue to play whilst the happily married couple make their exit.

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I can play either recognisable pieces of classical music here, or modern music can be played at the choice entirely of the Bride and Groom.

“Rat Pack” items of music tend to be received very well here as they give the guests pieces of music that they can relate to and usually guests approach me with questions regarding the Harp, which I am more than happy to answer and even let them have a pluck or two on the strings!!

I tend to move myself and the Harp into position about 10 minutes prior to any guests entering the room to set up.

I just want to go out there and enjoy myself and give Valegro a good time.” Carl Hester said: “The Olympics produces a lot of nerves, a different atmosphere and different rides from people.

We have new music for the freestyle, which will hopefully go to plan.

I probably should have practised it a bit more but [Valegro] is such a genius.“The last two rounds have been fantastic and it’s a huge privilege to be riding alongside these guys. Charlotte Dujardin said: “I haven’t ridden [the Grand Prix] test since the European Championships last year.So – you’ve chosen the date and venue, what could be more atmospheric and romantic than having a Harpist to entertain you and your guests?Fiona explains her role at a typical wedding: Thirty minutes before the ceremony, I play quietly in the background, as guests arrive and settle.I choose calming and recognisable pieces and can suggest songs and music for this part if you aren’t sure where to start.Then, for the entrance and wedding processional of the Bride a selected piece of music (discussed beforehand with the Bride and Groom) is played until the Bride reaches the front of the room or Altar.

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