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These men are real life versions of the movie character “Hitch.” They get paid, considerable sums of money in some cases, to teach men how to deal with women.All three of the men I got together with for interviews are fairly well known in their field and had a lot of great advice to offer. …You should be like a drug, better than drugs in a sense.

Previously on RWN, I put together a couple of articles that featured interviews with conservative women on dating (Part 1, Part 2).

The articles were a big hit and I had several people ask me when I was going to do a follow-up with conservative men.

Although I did want to do a follow-up, given that I have a mostly male audience, I didn’t think they’d be all that interested in hearing about the dating experiences of right-wing guys.

So, in order to adequately cover the male perspective on dating in a way that would be interesting to both men and women, I decided to do some interviews with professional dating coaches.

So, I tell guys if you want to come across as altruistic, no one is going to believe you.

Why does it seem like more women are interested in you when you’re already dating someone that when you’re single? If you can imagine a guy who is 10 feet tall and wearing sequins — I was the only straight man who could wear sequins and get away with it.

Women flirt with guys who are married, dating, or in a relationship because it feels safe. So, I would go to these events and all these women would always come on to me. …A lot of times women like to flirt, everybody likes to flirt, but it’s in a safe environment where they know it has limitations.

But, that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to break up the relationship…It simply means they feel safe flirting. They would flirt with me non-stop, saying the most outrageous over-the-top sexual innuendoes — about being tall and other things being long, but as soon as I got off of my stilts and went up and talked to them, no more flirting. …If a girl flirts with a guy who’s married and he comes across as if he’s really going to hit her, you know, let’s go back to my place, a lot of women think that’s creepy — that’s going too far.

Do most of your clients tend to prefer casual relationships with multiple women or a serious relationship with one?

I think most guys say they want to play the field and are looking for multiple relationships, but in fact, they really would be very happy in a relationship.

My feeling is that most people are happier in a relationship, whether they know it or not.

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