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Now news has come out about a British woman who fell victim to a very similar scam, losing £10k in the process.

Dating freinds sites

Just think – even if this pretend soldier hadn’t been an outright scammer, what sort of relationship are you building if you start it by financially supporting someone you’ve only just met on the Internet?

Never give any money to someone you met online and if in doubt, let your dating site’s support team know you’ve been asked for money and ask their opinion (this is one of the reasons why it pays to date on a reputable dating site with a good support team).

You can read the rest of the article about this latest scam victim here.

UPDATE: This post has been gathering quite a lot of very useful comments from women who have either been victims of similar fraud or have been contacted by scammers.

It’s essential reading if you suspect the person you have been talking to online may be a scammer.

All opinions expressed below represent only the people who posted them.If you have a problem with any of the posts and would like them removed please contact me.Many women have asked me what to do in case you are a victim of fraud.In the UK there is now a service called Action Fraud, which is a website and helpline where you can report any time of fraud (including online dating fraud) and get help and support.Please consider sharing your stories with them as well if you are in the UK.Most of these fraudsters hail from countries where it’s harder to do anything about them, especially for your local police force.


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