Sexy texts - Dating customs in foreign countries

Dating that takes place outside of the United States is often considerably different than what Americans are accustomed to.

Although not all foreign cultures are the same, many are quite similar on some levels.

The dynamics of non-Western dating is best understood by considering the characteristics that most foreign cultures have in common.

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Other cultures may see conflict as bad, so problem-solving takes a different form based on one's country.

It is generally considered impolite to disclose large quantities of personal information until an official commitment is made.

Although it is custom in Western cultures to develop one’s own standards for dating, other cultures typically place more emphasis on parental and societal approval.

Men and women in non-Western cultures, especially those located in the Eastern Hemisphere, often exclusively date those of their race or religion.

Relationships that form in foreign cultures are often less emotional and more practical than American relationships.

According to Professor Michelle Le Baron of the Institute for Conflict Analysis & Resolution, men and women in different countries often focus less on feelings and do not form commitments based on what is personally attractive.

Instead, they place more importance in their social status, carefully considering their reputation before making any significant decisions.

Children are encouraged at a young age to commit to a partner that has earned the respect of the entire family.

Dating that takes place outside of the United States is often significantly more structured.

Men in Latin, European, and African cultures are expected to arrange formal meetings for their dates and adhere to stricter standards.

Many societies place considerable importance on establishing relational boundaries, expecting that men and women maintain distance until they have been officially married.


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