Dating byu

Guys & Girls: Everyone is quite nice and sociable and attractive!

All in all, the student body at BYU is just plain amazing. A lot of interaction occurs within the student wards or apartment complexes. Don't be surprised if your first day in class involves at least one person asking about your major and your hometown.

People are very outgoing, and dating is a high priority among students. A lot of people get married while at BYU, although by no means is this group the majority.

Campus Devotionals, given every Tuesday, always seem to mention and urge dating.

Although most students seem to be cut from the same mold (white, Utah, LDS), this is not a bad thing, since the majority are very upstanding, ambitious, and just plain nice.

Most people are outgoing, although the dorms can be a little cliquish.

Student wards offer a lot of social interaction, so even if you can't seem to make eye contact with that cute boy in chemistry, there's a good chance that someone knows someone who is in his ward and could set you up with him.

Dating is not uncommon at BYU, and some would even claim it gets out of hand (those returned missionaries looking desperately for their eternal companion).

Dating is always a constant annoyance but I feel like that's the same for all emerging adults.

The guys and girls at BYU are incredibly Christ-like and attractive.

Guys & Girls: BYU was recently rated in the top five colleges with the most attractive and intelligent AND kind students and that's incredibly accurate.

You won't find a lot of facial hair because of the honor code at BYU. Mormons are just naturally hotter :p There is a sense of snootiness and holier-than-thou attitude that really bothers me sometimes, so I just brush it off.


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