Dating as a phd student

Is there a secret weapon or “magic wand” for turning men into swine? Sex is the secret weapon, the magic device, that turns men into swine.

Who are the richest and most successful entrepreneurs of the 0 billion year porn industry?

[1] The peddlers of pornography belong to all races, but one race above all stands out as preeminent in this field.

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How do you take a nation of free and independent citizens and turn them into slaves?

How do you do this slowly and imperceptibly, without violence, and with the willing participation of the slaves-to-be? You corrupt them, undermine them, deprave them, demoralize them, until they have acquired all the characteristics of slaves.

As the sorceress Circe, with a wave of her magic wand, turned the followers of Ulysses into grunting swine, you can wield your weapon of mass hypnosis, the media, over a nation and transform its citizens into willing slaves.

You can learn to roboticize man and turn him into a living machine. This is what it must feel like to be God — or the Devil.

Though Jews make up only two per cent of the American population, they have been prominent in pornography.

According to one anonymous industry insider quoted by E.

Michael Jones in the magazine Culture Wars (May 2003), “the leading male performers through the 1980s came from secular Jewish upbringings and the females from Roman Catholic day schools”.

Jewish academic historian Dr Nathan Abrams (right), perhaps the world’s most renowned authority on the Jewish role in pornography, let the cat out of the bag a few years ago in his controversial essay, .

[2] Published in the prestigious Jewish Quarterly in 2004, this essay spelled out in detail how the world’s multibillion dollar porn industry was dominated by Jews.


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