Dating a younger boy in high school

You might be worried about what other people will think, and that’s completely understandable.

But in the end, all that matters is how you and this guy feel about each other.

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Mature chat rooms adelaide - Dating a younger boy in high school

Hi Heather, Is it weird for a junior in high school to date a freshman?

I really like this guy and we spend a lot of time together but he’s two years younger than me! If you really like this guy, and you two get along really well, then you should feel comfortable dating him even though he’s younger.

When it comes to relationships, the thing that really matters if both people have a connection and make each other happy.

That being said, I know that it might seem weird to date someone younger than you.

Keep in mind that g URLs naturally mature faster than guys, so don’t be surprised if you two aren’t on exactly the same wavelength. Would you ever date someone a different age than you?

But as long as he makes you happy, feel free to date him, because it isn’t weird at all.

A big age difference doesn't automatically equal a bad relationship--just think of Courteney Cox, 35, and hubbie David Arquette, 28.

But at your age, major gaps in maturity and interests between people who are even only a few months apart can be pretty obvious.

That's not to say that this love connection is a no-go, though.

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