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It is followed by a similarly abbreviated form of my response. There are some issues with us, but give some of your church guys a chance. If a guy is walking with the Lord, women usually become attracted to them quite easily.

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As a result of the fall, I am convinced that men and women will naturally gravitate towards roles that they were not meant to have.

Men get lazy and weak and become scared to move out in faith in life and relationships.

We become sissies in all of life (I’m including myself in this statement).

This ticks me off because very few men, who are desperately needed, will actually be men and take the work of Christ’s kingdom expansion seriously.

A few years ago, a female friend of mine was struggling with the prospect of dating Christian men.

She was new to faith and had dated much prior to becoming a Christian.She was struggling with some aspects of the culture of Christian men.Though I have shortened and taken out some of the personal content, I wanted to post our dialogue on a rather important issue. The first part is an abbreviated version of her email to me. Many of us did have “another life” in which we made mistake after mistake with women. I think many of us are just trying to avoid making past mistakes again, but the negative outworking can sometimes be passivity. Second, I think many of us feel a strong responsibility to protect the hearts of the women we are around.We would rather sit back and to borrow from Neil Postman, “amuse ourselves to death.” We will do anything except that which is meaningful and important.However, non-Christian guys also have their issues in areas of passivity. They might come out seeming romantic and kind, but in the end, without Christ, our ultimate goal is self-gratification.This was my case and, I am convinced, at the core of all outside of Christ.


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