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I never managed to get it to install (automatically) any package for me, anyway, so the following might be applicable for version 1 as well.

One of my friend is having small office and he is thinking to switch from Windows to Ubuntu 11.10 or above.

The problem is that he does not have an Internet connection.

He ask me that is there any possibilities to install all updates without having Internet.

If you create a trusted repository, you don't have to provide I think, You are running the upgrade from virtual machine.

Read the answer carefully, I want you to download the updates from virtual machine and then using those updates to create a repository in real machine and then use upgrade You can use Keryx without installing it.

I regularly use keryx instead of version 1.

The reason I chose the older version was, if my memory serves me well, that v0.92x would let you install additional packages, while v1 would only let you update.

I make many search, I found this question that says using Keryx or Synaptic Manager will do that.

But I am using 11.04 and there is no Synaptic manager in that so that I generate and download script. This is used because your local update repository is not authentic to the system.

But it will not harm, because you downloaded those packages from an authentic official Ubuntu repository.

Check this awesome and epic post in Ubuntu forums about creating a trusted local repository.


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