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Proving Co-habitation Private Investigator The issue of co-habitation often has an impact on financial disclosures in divorce.

The addition of a second income to a separated party can make an impact on maintenance payments - or prove that one or other party in a separation is, perhaps, not telling the truth.

While there are no hard and fast rules in proving co-habitation, a general rule of thumb is to provide evidence over a period of time that two people are living together A recent case example involved many night and early morning surveillance operations outside a property to gather video evidence that a third party was spending the night more than three times a week, relevant to the legal case.

After judicious observation it came to light that the subject was aware of some wrongdoing on his part and used the back door in an attempt to "escape" unnoticed Unfortunately for him, his attempts at avoidance - to the extent of parking his car in the road to the rear (including a jump over a hedge) were in vain as our Detective was one step ahead.

The resultant video evidence was hard for the poor chap to explain Answers Investigation have provided private investigation services since 1995.

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