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A chapel on the edge of the ravine, near Sauchiebog, was founded in 1379, and dedicated to the Virgin Mary; and has bequeathed the name of Chapel-land to a plot of about 4 acres around its site. (1881) of Cambuslang village, 4772; of other villages, 4318.

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From less than 50 feet above sea-level along the Clyde, the surface rises towards a ridge, which, crowned by the summits of Dechmont (602 feet) and Turnlaw (553), occupies a breadth of about ½ mile and a length of 2 miles in the SW, and is part of a long range extending westward along the mutual border of Lanark and Ayr shires into Renfrewshire.

The ground thence declines in a gradual manner, with beauteous irregularities and undulations, to the romantic glen of the Calder and to the low flat banks of the Clyde.

The latter river is here from 200 to 250 feet broad; generally overflows part of the low grounds several times in the year; and has been known to rise 20 feet above its usual level.

There are extensive extracts on Lanarkshire in the 1842 Commission reports and also the Mining District Reports.

Lanarkshire housing is covered in the 1918 Royal Commission Report, the 1910 Housing report and the 1875 Notes on Miners' Houses.

Many Lanarkshire places are covered in the 1871 Truck report.The following parishes have their own pages:, a collier village in Lesmahagow parish, Lanarkshire, 2½ miles N of Abbey Green.Standing on the right bank of the Nethan, it has a station on the Lesmahagow branch of the Caledonian, and boys' and girls' schools, with total accommodation for 312 children, an average attendance (1879) of 152, and grants amounting to £138,12s. Two coal pits, at work here in 1879, belong to the Carboniferous Limestone series, and furnish fine cannel coal, employed in the Glasgow and other gas-works. (1861) 716, (1871) 763, (1881) , a farm in Walston parish, Lanarkshire.A brass tripod, supposed to be Roman, was exhumed on it by the plough, and two caverns on it, one of them 40 feet long and 5 feet high, are believed to have been formed by mining operations in the reign of James V. The quasi-town stands on broken ground, traversed by a romantic brook, adjacent to the Glasgow, Uddingstone, and Motherwell branch of the Caledonian railway, within ½ mile of the Clyde's left bank, 3¾ miles SE of Glasgow; extends slightly into Rutherglen parish; consists of a cluster of five villages-Silverbanks, furthest W; then Cambuslang proper; then Kirkhill, the original village; then the hamlet of Lightburn; and lastly that of Dalton.Bearing aggregately and popularly the name of Cambuslang, it presents, from many points of view, a finely picturesque appearance; consists chiefly of very plain houses; is inhabited principally by weavers and colliers, partly by masons and agricultural labourers; and has a station on the railway, a post office under Glasgow, with money order, savings' bank, and telegraph departments, a branch of the Commercial Bank, gas-works, a handsome parish church (1841; 1000 sittings) with a conspicuous spire, a Free church with another fine spire, an Independent chapel (1801), and St Bride's Roman Catholic church (1878; 500 sittings).A spacious natural amphitheatre, on the green side of the ravine of the intersecting burn, a little E of the present parish church, served in 1742 as a substitute for the church of that date, from 8 Feb. being the scene of a remarkable religions revival,-the Camb'slang Wark,- when, to quote the late Dr Hill Burton, in an encampment of tents on the hill-side, Whitfield, at the head of a band of clergy, held, day after day, a festival, which might be called awful, but scarcely solemn, among a multitude, calculated by contemporary writers to amount to 30,000 people.' The centenary of the revival was commemorated on , by tent preaching in the ravine, and was attended by a multitude of persons variously estimated at from 10,000 to 12,000.


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