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In 1877 he purchased three acres of ground at Minnehaha, which he laid out and improved as a landscape garden. In 1880 he leased the Minnehaha hotel and grounds, and is now conducting the same. In August 1854, he made a claim of 160 acres, in , who died October 6th, 1875. Purchased the farm on which he has since resided, in 1865. Was married in January, 1869, to Bridget Carrol, by whom he has had seven children, Mary, Maggie, Ellen. Page 218 George Fortwingler a native of , Hennepin county. Remained in England, engaged in the Manufacture of woolen Goods until 1872, when he came to America, landed at Quebec, thence by lake to Duluth, going from there to Clay county, Minnesota, where he purchased a half section of land. Is an ardent Odd Fellow, and served one term as Grand Master of the Minnesota Grand Lodge. In 1862 he visited the hospitals in the principal eastern cities, and returning home resumed his practice.

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He is at present giving his whole attention to fine Cotswold and Lincoln grades, and received first prizes at the Minneapolis Exposition of 1880. He came to Minnesota, and settled in Richfield, Hennepin county, December, 1869, owns 15 acres on section 15, Township 28, Range 24, where he has a pleasant home. He was born in until 1853, when he came to Hennepin county, and has since resided on the farm he now occupies. He enlisted in Company C of the Mounted Rangers, serving as clerk in the Quartermaster's department, until the company was disbanded. He has since built a substantial barn and fine dwelling house at a cost of $6,000. She, by this association, became familiar with the Sioux, Chippewa and French languages in addition to English. His health would not permit him to complete his course and he left college. His wife was a Miss Adams, a native of Enosburgh, Vermont, born March 18th, 1830. They have three children, John A., Cora N., and Walter J. Louis, visiting all the hospitals and deriving much benefit from the tour.

He was married October 11th, 1865, to Miss Sarah G. Cooper; has four children: James H., Alvah M., Coates P. Page 217 John Carey is the owner of 93 acres of land on sections 8 and 9, Richfield Township, 45 acres being under cultivation. Was married in 1840, to Myra Rogers; by her he had five children, two of whom are now living. Page 220 Orrin Hubbard was born in the State of , where he remained for eleven years, eight of which he passed in the employ of the American Express Company. In 1852, in company with others, he came to this town and made a claim where his family now resides. He was elected to the state senate of Illinois in 1849. Murphy, he began the practice of medicine at Saint Anthony.

Gates, a native of , engaging as florist and gardener for Wyman Elliott. He was born in , where he conducts a market garden. Chase is a practical gardener, and has been quite successful in the business. They are the parents of six children: Robert F., George A., Mary, William, Elizabeth, and Joseph W. He has been married three times; has four children living, Charles Arkland, Alice Myra, Francis Cordelia and Mary Adelma. He was four years in the employ of the government, driving team. Enlisted in 1862 in the 12th Wisconsin Battery and served until his discharge in 1865; participating in many of the hardest fought battles of the Rebellion. At Springfield, Governor French commissioned him paymaster-general of his staff and the next year, owing to his faithful devotion, he was re-elected to the senate. He was elected to the territorial legislature from Hennepin county in 1852 and in October, 1854, he was chosen probate judge. Ames drew the bill for incorporating the village of Minneapolis, and was appointed its postmaster.

After remaining with him eighteen months, he leased the grounds and hot houses for five years and carried on the business for himself. Page 217 George Code owns 200 acres of land, of which fifty acres are cultivated, the balance meadow and woodland. Page 217 Mary Copley is the owner of eighty-two acres of land, forty acres under cultivation. At the age of seventeen, learned the trade of tanner and currier, following it eight years; then worked in a ship yard. Anthony, and engaged in carpenter work, and on the old suspension bridge. At the age of twenty-one, he embarked in dairy business. In 1862 was with General Sibley on his Indian Expedition. He was the second treasurer of Hennepin county, and has held many positions of public trust. He was killed in 1871, being run over by a heavy load of wood. In 1865 he accepted a position as conductor for the C. In October 1851, he came to Saint Anthony in quest of a new home, and in November located a claim and built a shanty on the present site of Minneapolis. On June 1st, 1857, he was elected a member of the constitutional convention, in which body he was chairman of the committee on school lands and university, and in 1860 was a member of the state normal school board.

He made a claim of 160 acres, which he has since increased by purchase to 278 acres. In 1865 he purchased the farm on which he has since resided. During the summer of 1874 his health began to fail him and in September he passed peacefully to his rest. By this union they had seven sons, five of whom with their mother, survive him. Ames was born in Colchester, Vermont, August 3d, 1820. Governor Madison's private secretary for two years. Ames, who made the first kiln of brick in Chicago, and was one of the early settlers of that region. Ames moved with his parents, in the spring of 1852, to Minneapolis, attended the first school in this city, taught by Mary A. In 1854, he engaged as clerk with Tuft, Reynolds and Whittemore in the mercantile business, remained until 1856, when he opened a general store at Dayton and continued until 1860.

Was married in 1856, to Mary Walter who died in 1866, leaving five children. His funeral, which took place the Sunday following, was conducted by Dr. Paul, attended by nearly all the masonic bodies in the state. Ames was an enthusiastic worker in the cause of masonry. In 1832, moved to Ohio, and in 1836 to Boone county, Illinois, where he lived until 1841, then went to Ottawa and was admitted to the bar in 1842, when he moved to Hennepin, Putnam county, Illinois, where he was postmaster from 1844 to 1848. In 1855, appointed consul to Hamburg, and acted as such until the spring of 1857. Schofield; only six pupils attended, himself and two brothers, two brothers of the Mc Leod family and Emma Tuttle, in a log house near where the Washburn mill now stands; also attended the first courts held in the old government mill, and first religious services, at which the Rev. Then engaged in milling at Rockford, Wright county, until 1862, when he enlisted in First Minnesota Cavalry, served his term of one year, and was honorably discharged. Hopper, a meat market, on the corner of Washington and Nicollet Avenues, which business he followed until 1871, after which he engaged in the commission business, and latterly has given his attention to his own real estate and tenement business. Page 502 Albert Alonzo Ames was born at Garden Prairie, Boone county, Illinois, January 18th, 1842.

At the age of fifteen he went to sea and followed that occupation until 1849, when he passed one year as steward on the Hudson River steamboats. He was employed afterwards on the steamboats of the St. In 1858 went to Yellow Medicine and took charge of the schools of the Dakota Mission, where he remained until the spring of 1865, when he moved to Minneapolis and engaged in the flour and feed business. Held the office of town supervisor three years, school director and treasurer for two years, and is now in the employ of the American Tract Society as colporteur. Has held the office of town supervisor and school director for several years. He became interested in medicine, reading when opportunity was afforded. Maloney, of Belvidere, where he also began to practice.

In the spring of 1860 he imported the first Spanish Merino sheep brought into the State. They have had four children, Mary C., Nellie B., Sarah R., deceased, Hattie, died February, 1877. Her whole life has been passed in the vicinity of Fort Snelling. There he died November 8th, 1855, leaving his wife and three children. In 1832 his parents moved to Du Page county, Illinois. He came here in 1854, and settled on his present farm in 1869. She was born in England, January 15th, 1827, and ten children, of whom eight are living, followed the marriage. Ancel was born in France, January 22d, 1822; served as a soldier seven years in France; married to Miss Zelie Genevry in 1850; emigrated to America in 1852; remained a short time in New York; removed to Connecticut, and staid four years; returned to New York, where they remained until 1857, when they removed to Minnesota, and located in Bloomington. Page 228 John Brown was born in England, September 21, 1838; came to America in 1847. Brown remained until 1853, when they settled on a farm in this town. In November 1838, taking a pack on his back, he started by way of an Indian trail to Vandalia, then the seat of government. He attended another course of lectures at Chicago, and graduated from Rush Medical college in February, 1845.

The page numbers correspond to the city and township sections as listed in the table of contents: * Note: there are separate listings for the 'town of ' Richfield - pages 212 - 221; Bloomington - pages 222 - 230 ; Eden Prairie - pages 231 - 237; Minnetonka - pages 238 - 246; Excelsior - pages 247 - 256; Minnetrista - pages 257 - 262; Independence - pages 263 - 268; Medina - pages 268 - 277; Crystal Lake - pages 278-284; Brooklyn - pages 285 - 293; Osseo - pages 294 - 297; Champlin - pages 298-301; Dayton - pages 302 - 306; Hassan - pages 307 - 310; Greenwood - pages 311-316; Corcoran - pages 317-321; Maple Grove - pages 322-328; Plymouth - pages 328 - 338; town of Minneapolis - pages 339 - 353; town of Saint Anthony - pages 353 - 356; city of Minneapolis - pages 357 - 662 These pages were scanned and may contain errors created during the transfer of the data, especially the dates. Baird is a native of and purchased the farm of 120 acres which he now occupies, located on section 18. John Mc Cabe, his father, was born in Ireland in 1808; came to America, and resided in the state of New York until 1858, when he came west and Pre-empted a farm in Richfield, where he remained until his death, which occurred in May, 1878; he was married to Harriet Toles, who bore him six children, Mercy., Merriman, Emily, Mary, Amelia and Elnoria. Following is the family record: Charles A., born August, 1878; Lily F., born April, 1875, died at the age of three years; Annabella, born May, 1877; and Rosella, born April, 1879. Then served four years as Purser and one year as Captain of the schooner Leader, trading on the Pacific coast; was married April 15, 1874, to Frances M. They have had two children, one now living, Charles E. In 1872 he purchased the farm in Richfield which he has since occupied. They have three children living: Frank H., Charles L., and Ella B. Margaret Brosseau was born at Leech Lake, Minnesota, October 15th, 1826, and is the daughter of Peter and Louisa Quinn. Findley, of Prairie du Chien, a clerk in the Sutler's store at Fort Snelling. Findley kept the ferry and lived in a house, still standing, on the east bank of the Mississippi River, near the new bridge at the fort. There were two children by the last marriage, James L. Page 228 Samuel Augustin Goodrich was born in Benson, Vermont, September 19th, 1827. He then lived one year in Kingston before coming to Minnesota. Bazley was born in England, November 28th, 1828; settled in Canada, 1842; moved to Minnesota, 1852; on his present farm in 1853; married, September 8, 1857, to Miss Catherine Miller, from Ireland, who died, November 10th, 1859; married again, September, 1862, to Miss Nancy Stinson. Children are, Phebe, Kate, Jennette, Tom, Josephine, Lillie J. In 1849, the regiment was ordered to Fort Snelling, where Mr. Cunningham one of the early settlers of the state, was born in Augusta county, Virginia, December 13th, 1822. In 1837 his father died, and all depended upon his exertions for the support of his wife, also his widowed mother and her family. Douglass, he obtained employment as deputy of the secretary of state and private secretary to Gov. After the adjournment of the legislature, he went to Chicago and attended a course of medical lectures, studying with Professor Brainerd.


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