Chatting with korean

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There are many to choose from, and we present you the four most used and, in our opinion, the best: All four apps are available for multiple platforms and devices. You download the app and follow simple instructions: input your mobile phone number, wait for 4-digit code to be sent to you, input the code and use the app.

According to the survey, free text messaging is the most important feature for 83% of our readers and they will be happy to hear all four apps have that capability.

Next comes free calling with 8%, which only Chat ON doesn’t offer. But all the apps are adding new feature quickly, so let’s see.

Get to know how to call to Korea for free and how to text or chat with your Korean friends, boyfriend or girlfriend for free.

Free text and call functions are crucial when making a long-distance relationship bearable.

Whether it is love or friendship, communication is the only thing that can bridge all those miles and kilometers, and not many of us can afford sky-high phone bills.

Having a boyfriend or friend from Korea means that you get all the perks that one of the most high-tech nations in the world has.

Using Skype and MSN messenger was my mode of operation before I met my Korean boyfriend.

But then, a wonderful new world of free Korean texting and calling apps opened up.

Whereas programs like Skype and MSN messenger need to be constantly running in the background and checking if there is a new event if you want to receive a message or call, the apps we are going to present here work on “push” basis, which means they are idle until new content is available at which time server pushes that information to the user. ); out of them 83% have Korean friends, and 29% have Korean boyfriend which mean majority of our readers can benefit from these apps.

That way your battery doesn’t get drained, CPU is freed up, and you won’t miss a message or a call even if you haven’t turned the app on! Even if you don’t know any Koreans, these apps are all in English, as well as multitude of other languages, and there is no reason why you couldn’t use them with your non-Korean friends.


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