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A first date is loaded with expectancy – will she/he like me and will I like them?

So, how can you make sure that your first date is the best it can be (even if it turns out to be your only date together)?

Here are some suggestions on what to do and what not to do. Chose the venue carefully If you are doing the choosing, pick somewhere that you know your date will like.

Just because you fancy the idea of eating a snake banquet, it doesn’t mean that they will.

I didn’t know about the online dating site au until a woman who I was dating at the time showed me her online profile. Some probably find such ‘romantically’ orientated ‘meet up’ sites to be a more efficient option for sampling what is available. In some ways these sites transform romance into the online equivalent of the logistics dock at your local shopping centre.

(Before things ended I never did ask her why she listed herself as ‘single’ on her profile…) Forming relationships in our era of post-institutional modes of sociality is problematic.

‘Just-in-time’ relationships rely less on social support structures of traditional institutions such as the family, workplace, and so on, including ‘love’ itself, and more on a hit and miss style of dating, organised like a series of car crashes and perhaps even commodified through an e Bay-style online catalogue (see Crawford 83-88).Instead of image-commodities there are image-people and the spectacle of post-romance romance as a debauched demolition derby.Will we have anything to talk about and if not, how will we get through the evening?It is definitely possible to think too much about a first date.The key is to relax, enjoy yourself and not to analyse everything too much.Regardless of whether you hit it off, wouldn’t it be great if you could both say that you had a good experience?


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