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Light pointed at your face may make bright white spots on your face.

Lights behind your head may make dark spots on your face.

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HOW TO SUCCEED ON CAM4 Cam4 allows you to earn a lot of money having fun in front of your webcam.

However, you are in competition with many models, it is important to use every solution offered by Cam4 in order to stand out, appear on the first page and see your number of viewers grow.

Don’t forget that most of your income will be provided directly by your viewers.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD QUALITY OF IMAGE AND SOUND To broadcast a good show, please check the following details : Webcam : Make sure you have a high quality webcam: 640×480 or better for resolution. Generally the more you spend on your webcam, the better the quality of the video.

Ask people who are watching your cam if the sound is too low or high.

Also when you broadcast, mute the window where you are watching yourself.

If you don’t then sound will be recorded, played back into the video are watching of yourself, and be recorded again causing a feedback loop and horrible high pitch squeals. Once again feel free to show some originality and imagination. The main picture appearing during the 3 first minutes of your show as the thumbnail on the webcam’s page, this picture has to catch people’s attention.

More megapixels equals for better range of colour and clarity. Lights : Lighting is very important for broadcasting your webcam.

A lamp with a shade, placed to one side of your computer monitor should be sufficient.

Avoid lights in direct line of sight of the camera.

This tends to affect the auto exposure and sometimes colour balance of your images.

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