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This is an abridged terms of use for the Firstmonie Services provided by Pridar Systems Limited (“Firstmonie”), an affiliate of First Bank of Nigeria Plc.

Fees payable on each transaction will be deducted from your account by Firstmonie on conclusion of each transaction and your new balance shall be notified to you by SMS.

Such fees are subject to applicable levies and taxes at the then prevailing rates.

All charges payable by you in connection with the use of the Firstmonie Services may be debited from your account without further reference to you.

You are to select a PIN during your registration that MUST remain known ONLY to you.

The customer instructs and authorizes Firstmonie to comply with any instructions given through the use of the PIN.

Once Firstmonie is instructed by means of the customer’s PIN, Firstmonie is entitled to assume that those are the instructions given by the customer and to rely on same.Firstmonie is exempted from any form of liability whatsoever for complying with any or all instruction(s) given by means of the customer’s PIN if by any means the PIN becomes known to a third party or otherwise becomes compromised.This PIN is mandatory for the use of Firstmonie services as no transaction can be effected without entering and validating the PIN.You have three (3) attempts to enter the right PIN.If you enter the wrong PIN on your third attempt the Firstmonie account will be disabled.Please note that we are indemnified from any damage, virus attack or loss of data or device and breach of security profile.

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