Bulent inal and tuba buyukustun dating

She said: It has been two years over our relationship, I came to this premier and this closed case re-opened.

I came here to watch the movie, and i liked it also i liked Beren’s performance , Murat Okan and İlker was good to.

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Bülent Inal and Beren Saat dated from 2007 to June, 2009.

Bülent Inal is a 43 year old Turkish Actor born on 19th May, 1973 in Sanliurfa, Turkey.

His zodiac sign is Taurus Beren Saat is a 32 year old Turkish Actress.

That angers me, now i and Bülent are very happy but this pressure from newspapers and paparazzi shows are making me sick about this.

The Premier of the movie “Güz Sancısı” ,on which Beren Saat is starring got this three people together.

Everything was aright for them until the questions were asked about their relationship and gossips about their situation.

According to the news Vatan(newspaper) Tuba Büyüküstün couldn’t resist to the questions and she gave a mini interview.

people should think about making a show for bulent inal and songul oden.

if i was a director i would do this and i would make bulent and songul lovers in the show.i wish this happens one day. bulent bey ben sizin icin olume bile hazirim siz benim hayatimda gorduyum en mukkemel insanlardan birisiniz sizin icin her seyi gozo ala bilirim neoluru bulent bey umutlu kardesinize icindeki kardes askina yardim edin neolur abicim bunumaraya zeng edin 9940504489132 Recent images of Bülent Inal.

It has been two years that Beren SAAT and Bülent İnal started their relationship. After that Tuba and Beren both rejected offers about working together on new projects. But a small problem about the old pictures of Bülent and Tuba getting bigger and this situation is annoying Beren Saat.

The young actress said that: It has been two long years but i cannot understand why people are still using that images form the those days.

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