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Armstrong used a genius combination of loopholes and convincing acting to make people believe otherwise but he was ultimately exposed and shamed for his tactics by a determined journalist.

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The Program is based on David Walsh's 2012 book 'Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong'.

Lance Armstrong is a cycling legend, with seven Tour De France wins under his belt among other accolades, feats that were made all the more impressive following his battle and subsequent recovery from testicular cancer.

Despite his illness, he seemed better than ever before on the road on his return and by 2004, he had attracted the attention of reporter David Walsh, who grew suspicious that the athlete was using performance enhancing drugs, along with many of his cyclist friends.

The vibrant city of Hong Kong acts as a romantic backdrop for the relationship that is blossoming between Ruby and Josh in this romantic comedy.

On her first trip to the city Ruby becomes lost in the fast paced environment and requires the aid of a fellow citizen to help her find the way, this job falls to American expat Josh.

Continue: Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong Trailer Jamie Chung , Bryan Greenberg - The Art of Elysium presents Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler 2016 HEAVEN Gala - Arrivals at 3LABS in Culver City - Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 9th January 2016Lance Armstrong was an athlete the entire world loved to support.

Having beaten testicular cancer the cyclist went on to win numerous titles around the world including seven gold consecutive gold medals for the Tour De France, which has become known as the hardest bike rice in the world.

He had few doubters, everyone loved the superman that he'd become and wanted to believe in the story surrounding his success.

One of those few doubters was David Walsh, a sports reporter with The Sunday Times newspaper.

After digging into Lance and his team mates, Walsh began to build a case with more and more information backing his thoughts on Lance.

One such piece of evidence was Armstrong's connection to an Italian doctor named Michele Ferrari.

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