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Sir Paul and his first wife were friends with the Blakemans before Linda's death from cancer in 1998, as they knew each other from holidaying in the upmarket coastal resort of The Hamptons on Long Island.Friends believe Ms Shevell is a much better fit for Sir Paul than Heather Mills, coming from a similar background to Linda.A source said: "Nancy has been through a lot, not least overcoming breast cancer.

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Mc Cartney famously sang, “Will you still love me when I’m 64?

” Well, he’s technically 69, but 51-year-old Nancy Shevell just answered “I do!

” Mc Cartney married his third wife this weekend in London following four years of courtship.

It makes everyone comfortable that she is clearly not after Paul's money."However, Ms Shevell does differ in her politics.

She is a meat-eating Republican, unlike the more liberal and staunchly vegetarian ex-Beatle.

Sir Paul, 66, has seemed happy to appear in public with Ms Shevell from the early days of their relationship.

Last March the pair were photographed together while on the small Caribbean island of Jumby Bay, near Antigua, little more than a week after his £24m divorce from Heather Mills was granted by the High Court.

Ms Shevell, who has a 17-year-old son with Mr Blakeman, has apparently been given the seal of approval by Sir Paul's children, including fashion designer Stella Mc Cartney.

She never hid her opposition to her father's union with Heather Mills.

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