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We recently chatted on the phone to discuss the birth of Marilyn Manson, battling cancer, and dead cows. It’s a rough time to be separated from your friends and your environment. We moved to a place called Coral Springs, which was a relatively young town at the time. So the view from my bedroom window was just this empty landscape of sand and dirt and weeds.Noisey: What was it like moving down to Florida from New Jersey? I was really comfortable and as young as I was I had a plan to finish school and go to New York and work there as an actor or a performer or musician. GE (General Electric) actually established the town in the mid seventies. I got into model rockets because there was so much room.What did you dress like in junior high and high school?

We all shared a few nights of drinking on the town and joking around.

He even sang “Lunchbox” for karaoke with a friend of mine.

Scott has been battling stage-four colon cancer since September of 2013.

When he has the energy to he has been making collage artwork and collecting vintage TV, movie, horror and sci-fi memorabilia. The 14-year-old in me nearly had a heart attack when he sent me a vintage Wonder Woman figurine. Not only was it a fairly new town but the subdivision we lived in wasn’t finished.

I tried to get as close as to what I would consider cool clothes, as close as I could with what my mom would buy for me.

When I started driving I discovered thrift store and added some new wave and punk to my wardrobe. I work better when I work with somebody else so I really want to put it out there that I want to produce other people’s stuff. I was talking to this other person and we said wouldn’t it be cool to revive that record? That album is ten years old, not real old but old as far as pop music is concerned.But I was a misfit until pretty much my junior year. I was chatting with someone online and talking about how Katy Perry has a record that was never released because the label she was on decided to drop it for some reason. Doing something like that would be cool: Unreleased records from the past. I’m sure a lot of people would be interested in stuff like that.Scott Putesky co-founded Marilyn Manson and was the guitarist for the group until 1996.His stage name was Daisy Berkowitz, a name that combined Daisy of Dukes of Hazard fame with David Berkowitz, otherwise known as the serial killer Son of Sam.He stayed with Marilyn Manson until a third of the way through recording I first met Scott through a friend in December of last year.He didn’t look the same as the rocker that was on a poster in my room as a teen: no longer sporting long green hair with the top shaved off and drawn on eyebrows, Scott looked like a dapper adult instead of a rock musican. We got along great, which I partly attribute to the fact I grew up on his music and ideas.

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