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Is faith outcomes in this life or in the next life. Luther said the community prays for him when he couldn’t pray himself.

Is faith so important because it is our ticket to heaven. We can believe in faith but heart is involved in trust that God will do as he says. We all have faith moments and we have doubt moments.

We band together because of willingness to share our concerns and not have to all agree to the same idea.

It was one of the things in the culture of the time.

Jesus was nailing it as an undesirable procedure because it was all about pulling the wool over other people's eyes. They weren't indications that the person swearing the oath had any power over the things that the oath mentioned.

That is, people swore these impressive sounding oaths, and the whole situation they were creating thereby was phony. It was just using swear words to impress and so produce acceptance of things in relation to the oath, when in fact this was relationally phony because the persons taking the oath to impress didn't intend to keep the promises or commitments that they were apparently confirming by taking some oath. And Jesus said, in essence, "Don't let this foolery ever touch you." This fits really well into the context of the Sermon on the Mount because it's going after the Pharisees for their hypocrisies.

Jesus is against hypocrisy in all its forms, and he's for straightforwardness and transparency and honesty and responsibility in all its forms.

Bill related how God smote the tree he was trimming when he broke his leg by tree trimmers in the 5fh month after his accident. He days forgive those who repent, faith like a mustard seed, unworthy servant.

These are serious sins that compromise the mission.

Al asked if they had been together for some time because of the way he is talking to them. Repent means turn yourself around and don’t do what you have been doing.

Causing you to stumble has to do how you treat with children. Matthew 18 should precede this passage it can make sense.

Is drowning an easy or hard way to die and it probably is fairly easy as such things go. Jesus is concerned about the dress and that it be proper for the occasion.


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