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Bureau of Justice Assitance, Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Institute of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice, Office for Victims of Crime, Violence Against Women Grants Office STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grants To carry out its mandate, VAWGO is implementing the formula grant program known as STOP (Services Training Officers Prosecutors) Violence Against Women, which encourages states and territories to adopt coordinated, multi-disciplinary approaches to addressing domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.Predicated on the belief that no one entity can solve the problem alone, the STOP program promotes integrated strategies that seek to unite law enforcement, prosecution, the judiciary, probation/parole, and victim advocates and service agencies in their efforts to fight violence against women.This unified approach envisions the creation of a seamless web of support for women who have sought the protection of the criminal justice system, as well as outreach to potential victims of domestic violence.

Subgrantees for FY '96 funds include: Working in partnership with the states, VAWGO will continue to support efforts to eliminate all crimes of violence against women.

Through the STOP Violence Against Women Grants Program, VAWGO is committed to building and strengthening the response of communities around the country to ensuring the personal safety of women and to holding perpetrators of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking accountable for their actions.

STOP Violence Against Indian Women Discretionary Grants The Violence Against Women Act mandates that 4 percent of the amount budgeted each year for the STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program be awarded to Indian tribal governments.

Each STOP grantee must allocate 25 percent of its funds to law enforcement, 25 percent to prosecution, and 25 percent to non-profit, non-governmental victim services, with the remainder to be distributed at the grantee's discretion, within the established guidelines.

In FY 1995, the STOP program was allocated $26 million.

VAWGO awarded 56 STOP grants to states and territories which in turn awarded more than 650 subgrants.

Reflecting the diversity of needs around the country, States awarded STOP subgrants to support programs ranging from those seeking to enhance victim services to those attempting to improve supervision of perpetrators of violence against women.

Communities served range from rural Wyoming to New York City; from children who witness domestic violence to senior citizens who are victims of domestic violence; and from students to farm workers.

Some of the recipients of the FY 1995 STOP program funds include: Congress appropriated 0 million for the STOP Program in FY 1996 and 5 million in FY 1997.


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