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I'd rather live in a cardboard box WITH my dogs....rather than a mansion WITHOUT them! I spent my way THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars into debt to try and save her life.Can YOU or any other "pet lover" who supposedly loves their dogs and believes what my dogs and I WILLINGLY do together is wrong, say the same?

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The fact that you cannot or will not see the difference between these two situation denotes psychopathy. We touch them and rub them and IF they respond to this we go further. We may in fact "own" them as property as far as the law is concerned, but to us they are MATES and life partners.

Personally I would do ANYTHING for my dogs to keep them happy and healthy.

I hardly ever visit the doctor, yet my dogs get the best veterinary care.

There are MILLIONS of people who love their dogs this much!

That may be a drop in the bucket when you compare that to the BILLIONS who are alive right now, but personally I know that I'm not alone in thinking this way and I WANT to be on my own path and not follow the sheep flock. :)sadly the most of the ignorant dumb wont believe, they prefer to believe in fictional things like religion and the shouts of asexual animal activists spreeading this bullshit.

they ignore the facts of studies that prove animals have a need for sexuality and the ones wit an active sexuality are menthal healthier than the ones without also the studies will prove lived sexuality betwen pet and owner strongers the bont betwen.

It is against state law.....3 to 5 years in prison misdemeanor. Ask any gay person who had to live under this type of "morality regulation" years ago if it changed THEM (;- You're not "making love" you are RAPING a being who cannot give consent and whom you own as chattel.

This happened to me but the other way around, my dog was in my room at night, when I was going to change, all my clothes were off and I bent down to get my underwear and he came up and licked my ass. And posters above are saying humans can get diseases from dogs....wrong, try again!

I was so shocked so I fell over and he started humping me, so I thought for a second, and my boyfriend would never know. I've been loving K9's this way since I was 21...nearly 30 years and I'm as healthy as can be. Oh, and despite REALLY trying, I've never had one of my bitches throw a puppy with a human face... As to the poster above who says, "Bestiality is not a hobby of an overwhelming majority of the population and therefore not normal."--well isn't THIS just the reason why this world is so massed up right now!

Also animals are prone to attacking so either you'll face jail time or you'll have disfigured genitalia. Speaking for DOGS, since I've never been with any other animal (well, 2 human women but that's not the subject LOL), my two Aussie bitches can and do consent to sex with me. It is not forced and no they don't communicate with words but instead BODY LANGUAGE that they want sex.

I can't believe most people think this is normal! It's animal abuse and Bestiality both which are illegal.


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