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I've been merrygorounding and dillydallying with the schedule of this blog..the time wey I just upload Monday Chit-Chat-better late than never abi? The first to leave a comment wins airtime recharge! Mine was lovely: we didn't do much..enjoyed the simple things like baby poo. You see, Chief did not do his poo for like 3 days and we being tear rubber parents were very confused. Awesome is a month old today..time flies!

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It was awesome-my Church members have been really busy *inserts mischievous grin.

I'll just say a prayer that if you read my blog and you desire a baby you will get it soon and very soon, I agree with you.

Usage Note: The phrasal verbs talk about and (less commonly) talk of sometimes have a piece of writing as their subject, as in The article talks about the humanitarian crisis in the Sudan and The book talks of continuing barriers to free trade.

While this usage might seem a natural semantic extension—no different, really, from the similar and widely accepted use of the word discuss—for many people talk remains primarily associated with speaking, and using it for a written medium violates a norm of standard grammar.

The Usage Panel has mixed feelings about this construction.

In our 2001 survey, 58 percent accepted it in the sentence The book talks about drugs that exist in many of our communities.Writers who wish to avoid the problem can use discuss or another nonspeaking verb such as argue or maintain instead.We decided to do his dedication on Sunday because this would be the most convenient time to do it and I didn't want to be taking him about when we have not officially dedicated him to his God, so we did it. Thank you to all the aunties and uncles for your well wishes and your gifts-the type he can eat, the ones he can wear and the type he can put in his bank account : D I feel much better now and even though some people left comments on my photos on instagram saying they can still see the pregnancy nose, I think I look 1 million times better'er than 3 weeks ago when worwor bellup me. Please clap for me, this gele I tied was by the grace of God. I think i am "maturing" or maybe i've had bigger's why; I paid for a custome dress that will help me snatch my waist and make me look like I just got appointment in Buhari's cabinet...I was tying the gele and noticed the ends that you tie at the back ended up being in front..we were already late for Church I just turn am to style. We drove all the way from the mainland to VGC to pick up this dress Saturday night only to find out it was not my size (even after I gave my exact measurements)..old me for don vex ehn..I didn't even shake or throw a tantrum, I just jejely brought out my old lace buba and wore it like that #Re Rocking!I present to you the Kofo Gele (you don't want to see the back of the! I should start that hashtag on instagram..."how to re-rock a dress" tag me if you do!So Church was good...there were 10 baby dedications: 5 boys and 5 girls!


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  2. As a result, Ngo took to drinking alcohol as a form of relief and had trouble performing in his job.

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