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Each time a server is rebooted, it must renegotiate the connection to the switch.

Some network switches arrive configured with default settings that might incur connectivity delays.

That is, the settings on the switch might cause a DHCP or PXE timeout because they fail to negotiate a connection in time.

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Check your driver catalog to ensure you have the right network drivers available and installed into the boot image, and update the boot image to your distribution points.

Additional network or storage drivers might be needed in the boot image to enable the Win PE boot to function correctly.

You should add those through must use this boot image or the tools might not work properly.

Check to make sure the image into which you loaded the drivers is the same image being used by the task sequence.

This is a common error for administrators who maintain multiple boot images.

PXE is an extension of DHCP, which uses a broadcast type of communication.

Broadcast communication uses standard timeout values that are not readily changeable.

As a result, a computer waits for a default timeframe to receive a DHCP or PXE response before timing out and causing a failure condition.

STP is a protocol that prevents loops and provides redundancy within a network.

A networking device using this algorithm might experience some latency as it collects information about other network devices.

During this period of information collection, servers might boot to PXE and time out while waiting for a response from Windows® Deployment Services.


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