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I am not supposed to be feeling this.' There are a couple of really good Jack and Sam moments in other episodes.""Rick and Amanda really loved playing that scene with the force field between them, because it's just not the sort of thing that happens on Earth. Redemption: They used the following quote (a quote per episode is picked and placed next to the summaries)Sam: The 302 is entirely human-built. Descent: Amanda Tapping laughs, "The scene called for us to be surrounded by rising water, and we had to find an air pocket; So, as the set sinks and the water rises, we're dropping our vests and stuff so that we can float to the surface, and it's all going well.

The Companion books are a must have when it comes down to everything behind the scenes of Stargate SG-1.

I picked out anything and everythng Shippy related to Sam and Jack. The Companion books are a must have when it comes down to everything behind the scenes of Stargate SG-1.

They show us pictures, interviews and facts about our favourite series.

I read them all and picked out everything and anything that relates to Sam and Jack or anything Shippy or Shippy Funny :)The books are written by Thomasina Gibson, Sharon Gosling and Nathalie Barnes. If you like what you read here, I strongly encourage you to go out and by the books.

There But For the Grace of God: On a more serious note, Amanda Tapping confides that the farewell scene between the alternative O'Neill and Carter was actually written as a kiss, but says, "Both of us looked at each other and said, 'Let's make it a hug,'" Working on the basis that 'less is more', Tapping suggests, "I actually think the hug was much better than a kiss - to me it conveyed a much deeper level of feeling." Of her co-star she says, "I am glad we were both on the same page with it.

It's not that I didn't want to kiss Richard Dean Anderson - I did want to!

Just don't tell anybody."Point of View: "Point of view came about because we wanted the opportunity for Carter and O'Neill to kiss and had to figure out a way to do it," admits Jonathan Glassner.

Divide and Conquer: 'Ironically, the hidden truths revealed about Carter and O'Neill could prove damaging to their careers and their friendship.' - "What was funny about Divide and Conquer," offers director Martin Wood, "was that whole Jack and Sam thing.

It started in Solitudes, where they were cuddling up for warmth, and O'Neill had that famous line: 'It's my sidearm, I swear. ""Of course, as a mark of respect I do light a candle for my lost ones. In fact, when strangers turn up they say, 'What is she doing in there?

No Giggling.'That was the first show I did, and I loved the way they delivered that joke so much that I thought, 'We have to do this more often.' So, in Into the Fire, O'Neill goes and gets Carter, and she sits up and she's naked. In fact, my house doesn't need electricity any more because I light candles for all the men I've lost. ' and my neighbours say, 'She's lighting candles for all the men she's lost.

When we were filming that, Rick turned to me and asked, 'Do you want this to be one of those times? ' Then in the hallway, when they have to hide and she's too close to him, it's like, 'Wow! There are thousands of them in there.'"Revelations; Amanda says: "There's always been a sense of deep affection between Carter and O'Neill-"There isn't a single shippy reference in this one but funny stuff, there is talk about Amanda commenting on Sam breaking down and crying after Jack goes missing in Paradise Lost but it's more directed to the Teal'c and Sam comforting scene.


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  2. Right (1995), by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider: Make him miss you! It is the wisdom of John Gray's stunningly successful Mars and Venus series: Man is the pursuer. Although perfunctory contempt for such books is taken for granted among America's intelligentsia, guilty fascination with them is equally evident. If the gimmicks range from bizarre to morbid, the contradictions among—and within—these books go from insidious to incapacitating.

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