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If it's so easy and stupid, why would you imitate it?

It's easy to imitate a mime, but would you want to? If you find something easy to imitate that people will WANT to imitate, you've struck gold. Some people say what a joke this song is due to its easy riff.

Well, if a song is judged solely on the difficulty of the guitar riff than I would love to hear some of your guys music, see if it's hit material.

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That's why I am nuts over The White Stripes' music. The color of the shirts are red and white, just like everything about the White Stripes, and the anthem consists in the repetition of the words "rolo compressor" (i.e.

road roller), nickname of the team during the 70's, when they had great whits is half a gooda lyrically a bob dylan but twice a gooda music writer and then with the guitar Bob Dylan doesn't stand a chance so in my opinion jack white is better the bob dylan.i dont think i can give any bigger complimentin the video when Jack White points to his hand as he begins the third verse, he's showing you where he is from.

The state of Michigan is shaped like a mitten and people in the state often point to a spot on their hand when asked where they are from. This song has become like a second national anthem for italians.

Back in 2003 when Seven Nation Army was released, I was 7 years old. My oldest brother bought "Elephant" in 2003 and I learned the song from it. When their album "Elephant" came out, my cousin Juicy got it then I did too.

In the ten years since then, I still hear it played on some alternative rock radio stations here in Oklahoma and even in northwest Arkansas. Now, Jack White has released a new CD called "Lazaretto" but I haven't heard or bought it yet. Like that screwy broad from Memphis, Bubbles K, I'm nuts about the White Stripes, but I think they done folded.

Also, I know that Songfacts lists the song as peaking at #76 according to Billboard, but on the Billboard site they have it listed on their Modern Rock charts for 2003 as a #1 hit. A lot of kids look to the Modern Rock charts too nowadays. And just like "Bubbles K" - I'm a goin' to Wichita! I loved this song when it came out in the early 2000's and I love it now.

"I'm going to Wichita..." Until I read it on Song Facts, I didn't know the band didn't use a bass guitar in the recording.

(thanks, Angelo - Detroit, MI)ACTUALLY, the BOTTOM HALF of Michigan is like a mitten...don't forget the Upper Peninsula: aka the Yoop! after a soccer match, totti sang the opening riff, and ever since then, it has become a crazy overly used cheer.

:-PThe first time I heard this song was during my school's remake of Romeo and Juliet. :)so my boyfriend and his band do this song, and omg they are so amazing, my bf sings and im not even gonna lie i think they may do it better than the white stripes. unfortunatly i don't think the white stripes don't get much credit for it, oh well.

The first thought that popped in my head was 'Why have I never heard this before?!? Not the best I've hered, mind you, but pretty darn good. I don't think you can judge a song by the way its made, or a musician by the notes they can play. If you cant write a good song than wheres the good in being able to play one? People say Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" sucks based only on the guitar riff being copied by beginning guitarists.

For those of you who say you can do better or that it's too simple, that's too bad. I think it makes the riff that much better: because there are people who WANT to copy it.

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