Advice dating chinese man

Im aware I still have to provide for her until she finishes her education & that is fine with me.What I want to do is pay my daughter directly rather than it go to her mother. CSA took my ex’s word for it and ignored me Hi, Just like all the absent parents I have paid every month over and above what the CSA suggested I paid then I had a call from them out of the blue 8 years ago.

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This way, Martin could have told parents who are unable to make ends meet financially that he’s away from the office and will reply to them on the 2nd of August, and could have told people at the CSA that he’s off to Disney Land, do they want to come along.

But no, instead Martin bragged to people who cannot afford Read more » Can I pay my daughter directly?

The mutual financial agreement I had with my ex is now over as far as the csa is concerned but my daughter is only 17 & in education.

During the course of my salvation I have experienced a lot of hurt from men both saved and unsaved.

I have been misled in the past by what I thought was a good relationship. He seems to be everything that I have prayed for in a helpmate. Did God put me in this situation to lead this man to a closer walk with Him or is the devil sending a carbon copy of what God has for me? When we base our lives on the Word of God, God will bless us.

I enjoy the time we spend together, and I look forward to what may come in the future, but I don’t want to be a hindrance to him or be shameful to God by dating an unsaved man.. “Be not unequally yoked,” means don’t marry a nonbeliever. Don’t marry him and then hope he becomes a Christian.

Advice: If this man is God-fearing, I’m wondering what keeps him from becoming saved. My daughter is twenty-four with two kids and another on the way.

She made several mistakes in not marrying a committed Christian and got into drugs.

She’s living with us now — clean for one year — serving God, becoming a substance abuse counselor and, in general, getting her life together.

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