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Adelphi University's experts on substance abuse and addiction will be holding an online twitter chat on the topic.The subject of substance abuse is trending nationally from the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman to the recent Newsday story on how insurance coverage tackles addiction – it’s a trend we cannot escape The mission of #agchat is to keep an ongoing, open dialogue amongst the various players in the agriculture, farming and ranching worlds.

By personalizing learning for each student, regardless of competency level, adaptive is taking higher education by storm. Ulrik Christensen (@juulchristensen), CEO of Area9, and Chris Dawson (@mrdatahs), education technology writer at ZDNet, will lead this live chat.

Discuss issues related to the complex and challenging position of high school Athletic Director.

Variety of questions will be posed by the moderator concerning the topics of athletic department culture, coach expectations, policies and procedures, strength and conditioning, facilities, department goals and expectations.

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San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee will launch its legacy fund, 50 Fund, on Giving Tuesday with the introduction of two grant programs aimed at Bay Area nonprofits.

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