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First person to win consecutive Oscars for The Good Earth and The Great Ziegfeld in the late '30s, appeared in the Oscar reunion segment 1998. Great singer who originated the role of Billy Bigelow in Carosel on Broadway, played opposite Doris Day in Pajama Game, Bonnie Raitt's father, died on the same day as Sandra Dee and Hunter S.

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Bit player in the movies, probably best-known for marrying Jeanette Mac Donald in real life (no, she wasn't ever married to Nelson Eddy!

TV actress who appeared on hundreds of shows, probably best-known as Grace's mother-in-law in Grace Under Fire, died same day as Brian Jacques.

Helped America "to believe in itself again" while ignoring America's flouting of international law during the Iran Contra scandal, an ex-husband of Jane Wyman, helped to bring Alzheimer's out of the closet, (high school football coach/child actor) -- Dead.

Pilot who participated in the bombing of an Iraqi nuclear plant in the '80s, was the first Israeli in space.

IBDB IMDb Find AGrave (singer, philanthropist) -- Dead.

Best-known for the television version of The Odd Couple's Felix, great as many characters in The Seven Faces of Dr. ), making him older than other famous first-time fathers like Cary Grant at age 62. IBDB IMDb Find AGrave (movie company manager) -- Dead.

"You'll Never Find, Another Love Like Mine," performed music for the Garfield specials, led fundraising for the United Negro College Fund, died on the same day as Hugh Thompson. Suffered a stroke while attending the Sundance Film Festival, co-founder of October Films, president of United Artists.

Garrett in The Facts of Life, she performed in hundreds of TV shows since 1954 and over a dozen movies, very active on Broadway in the '50s, friend of Sheldon Harnick since college, survived pancreatic cancer.

IMDb Obituary Find AGrave (actress/entrepreneur) -- Dead.

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